Wicomico Portraits

Symphonic Band

The Wicomico River is a tributary of the Potomac River. The river covers approximately 77 square miles of land spanning three counties in Southern Maryland. The name Wicomico comes from the Native American words "wicko mekee" (which loosely translates to "a place where houses are built"). Aptly named, the 13-mile river hosts many small towns and villages along its shores on both sides.
Approaching the river from the heart of Saint Mary's County takes you through 6 miles of rural Amish land. Open grasslands accompanied by trees and lightly decorated with modest houses often with acres and acres of farmland. The next two miles is a golf course on a hill and a rather large neighborhood on the path leading down.
At the end of those two miles is Wicomico Shores, a small park planted on the riverbank of the Wicomico River. Although the scent of saltwater is feint at the top of the hill, nothing beats sitting on the water. To be honest, it's a small backwoods park and nothing grandiose. However, all of us who spent time here all eventually leave with the purest memories and effortless smiles in reminiscence.
For such a small place, the sound of the waves crashing into the rocks still sounds majestic. The shimmer of the sunlight on the water is magical and the glimmer under the moonlight is mystical. Standing or sitting at the edge of the peer, smelling the air with closed eyes, still casts the burdens of the world aside. At the end of the pier, the world seems much more substantial and overwhelming. But all the more beautiful and breathtaking.