The Graveyard Playground (2017)

  • Tuba or Euphonium

  • Piano

  • Voice

Duration - 12:30

  1. Trance

  2. Blue Jungle Jim

  3. Carousel

  4. All is Silent

  5. The Shadow of the Hill

“The playground used to be full of young life but in light of recent events, it seems as if none of the kids really play here any more. Not really that anything happened at the playground specifically except maybe the occasional skirmish. But a few of the kids who spent most of their time here at this playground died over the past couple of years. Rumor has it that this playground is haunted by some of the kids that used to come here all the time… Not really haunted in a scary way because they are kids. But their spirits live here and man are they energetic. All day, All night, shenanigans would happen here and yet, the police could never find any evidence. At this point, the police reports have to say something about ghosts considering they never have any evidence to give an account.” The Graveyard Playground tells the tale of five kids whose spirits are confined to this playground.